Apple Introducing New iPhone Models Next Month

We’re just about to settle into the fall season, and you know what that means. Apple is gearing [...]

(Photo: Variety)

We're just about to settle into the fall season, and you know what that means. Apple is gearing up for another press conference where it'll no doubt have a new iPhone model waiting.

Per Variety, Apple has begun sending out invitations for a press event set to take place on Sept. 12. The event will culminate from the Steve Jobs Theater on the Apple campus in Cupertino, California, and will also be live-streamed for those that can't attend in person.

Based on the invite that went out, it appears the iPhone will be the primary focus of the event. There's a golden ring with the words, "Gather round" appearing on the bottom, indicating we could see the introduction of the iPhone 11, or perhaps a new variation of the X model that debuted last year. Word has it that the event will also be home to a new Apple Watch announcement, or possibly a wireless charging system straight from Apple.

You can see the invite image for yourself above.

Some speculation indicates that Apple could introduce multiple iPhone models at the event, including a lower-end version for the more affordable set, as well as the fancy new model with the golden ring pictured above.

Bloomberg has already speculated on what we could see, including a brand new model that will feature a 6.5" screen: the biggest yet from the company. Previous models have managed to fit into our pocket with ease, but this bigger size may force us to buy a fanny pack. We'll see how the final model, when it's introduced, measures up.

Apple usually has a surprise or two lined up for these events, including special game announcements and/or guest appearances to get people excited for the forthcoming products. It didn't disclose who or what we'll see just yet, but we're just a couple of weeks away.

For now, we can only wonder what the company has lined up. Again, Apple will stream the event online, so if any breaking details do come from the event, we'll provide them for you. Fingers crossed on those surprises!

(Hat tip to Variety for the scoop!)