Aquaman Fortnite Skin Now Available: How to Find Trident Location

Fortnite players who’ve been keeping up with their weekly challenges in preparation for eventually getting the game’s Aquaman skin can now finally become Aquaman themselves after they’ve completed one final challenge. That challenge tasks players with finding Aquaman’s trident, and once you do, you’ll be awarded the trident itself to use in future matches. Assuming you’ve been keeping up with the weekly challenges since the start of the Aquaman crossover, completing this final one that grants you the trident will also complete the set of challenges and will unlock the Aquaman skin.

If you’re one of those players who’s been keeping up with the challenges, all you have to do today now that the Week 5 challenge is live is go to Coral Cove to locate the trident. Once you’ve arrived, you’ve got a couple of different places to check the trident for since it more than one location it can potentially spawn at.

Unlike past objects players have been tasked with finding in Fortnite, this one’s pretty easy to locate since it stands out so much as a big trident jutting out from a rock. Twitter user meetlootllama shared the image below to show where the trident could spawn, so check those locations right when you drop in to get the trident.

A neat effect connected to this challenge is that picking up the trident will instantly transform players into the Jason Mamoa version of Aquaman. You’ll be able to play the rest of the game as him, and after that, you can equip his trident and his skin to complete the full look. Like any other part of Fortnite’s vast array of cosmetics, you can also mix and match to combine his trident or his skin with the rest of your favorites.


The version of Aquaman below is one players have likely seen many times if they’ve been going after their weekly challenges and shows the whole ensemble put together.

Fortnite’s Aquaman and trident skins are now available, so be sure to wrap that final challenge up as soon as possible to add the cosmetics to your collection.

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