Assassin's Creed Odyssey Director on Making "This World Your Own"

The latest Assassin's Creed Odyssey game has us hyped, and for good reason! The latest title is [...]


The latest Assassin's Creed Odyssey game has us hyped, and for good reason! The latest title is presented a lot of firsts for the franchise, including an immersive dialogue wheel, choice of romanceable options, and even being able to choose between a male or a female protagonist. But that is only the beginning to the newest adventure, and the game's director wants hopefuls to know just how far they can fall into the latest story.

Director Scott Phillips recently sat down with GamesBeat to discuss the upcoming open-world game as he fleshes out previously revealed info since E3 2018. According to Phillips, "In the core, the second to second, I think we have the finest tune and the best, the most fun version of what Assassin's Creed can be on the gamepad. And then I think at the more meta level, what we allow you to do with choices, with options, with role play, with romance—I'm super excited for players to get their hands on that. I think it brings Assassin's Creed to a whole new level of interactivity, of choice, of dynamism, of making history your playground."

"'History is our playground' is sort of the motto of Assassin's Creed," he added to the site. "That was a starting point for us … [but we] wanted history to be your playground, not just ours. We wanted you to interact and change things. It's the type of game, honestly, that I wanted to make. The sort of open-world game with choices, with RPG elements of customizing your gear on multiple parts of your body, customizing your abilities and mapping them where you want to on the controls. It's really about making it the player's game."

The director added, "We wanted to tell a story, but we wanted to give you as much freedom as possible within that story. It's going to be different for every player, but the core of that is going to be the same, because that's part of what Assassin's Creed is. That's the DNA of Assassin's Creed. But we wanted to take that in our own direction by making you — allowing you to choose a lot of different things, small and large, that have an overall impact on that story."

I recently got my hands on the title and I can say that I was very much enthralled with the differences made. Being able to flip the Socratic Dialogue on Socrates himself was incredible, and the characters were so lovable right from the beginning.