Attack On Titan 2 Gets Exciting New Gameplay Video, Features

We’re just a few months away from the return of the Attack On Titan franchise in the video game [...]


We're just a few months away from the return of the Attack On Titan franchise in the video game realm, with part two ready to drop for numerous platforms this spring. But Koei Tecmo wanted to keep fans enticed about the new adventure, so it debuted a new gameplay video, which you can see below, and talked about new features within the game.

One of the key features that you'll be able to play around with is the Buddy Action. With this, you can find support options for various team members, so that they can come to your rescue in your time of need, or you can help them out. These options include Rescue, Recovery (in case they're running short on health) and Titan Transformation, in which case a team member can unlock the power of Titans.

That said, some new moves are also being introduces, such as the hook drives, which can create a series of "jump and evade" style attacks, as well as sneak attacks where you can hit a Titan when they don't see it coming. The thing is, according to the publisher, that "the Scouts have to remain undetected by Titans; a feat not so easily achieved if players linger too much in their gigantic foes' field of vision."

In addition, players will also have access to flash grenades, which can incapacitate a Titan when needed, as well as restraining guns, which can hold them back for a while.

"Outside of the battle, Scouts will be able to replenish their gas, blades and other supplies at Bases," the company noted. "Some bases also serve as safe havens as they are equipped with automated artillery towers that attack Titans."

You can check out the full gameplay video below. It's brief, but really shows off some of these moves, and how well they'll work when it comes to bringing down these gargantuan creatures.

Attack On Titan 2 will release in March 2018 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.