New Batman Arkham Game Developer Updates Website Ahead of Rumored Reveal

Warner Bros. Montreal has updated its official website ahead of the expected reveal of its new Batman game later this month at DC FanDome. Unfortunately, the website update doesn't divulge anything interesting or noteworthy, but it's the first update in a while, and it's an update that has many fans talking and speculating.

At the moment of publishing, neither Warner Bros. Montreal or Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have confirmed the new Batman game will be revealed at DC FanDome on August 22, but many DC fans are expecting the game to be there alongside the new Suicide Squad game from Rocksteady. And it's possible this update hints at this. After all, the website hasn't been updated in a while, so it's interesting timing at the very least.

That said, for now, there's no way of knowing if the reveal and website update are related. There are dots to connect, but whether they are truly connected, who knows.

At the moment of publishing, neither Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment nor Warner Bros. Montreal have commented on the speculation about the website update and it's highly unlikely either will, as neither are known to comment on anything of the speculative variety.

As for the game itself, we haven't heard about it an official capacity since the turn of the year. In fact, since its existence was confirmed last September, Warner Bros. Montreal has said nothing meaningful about the game at all. While this has been disappointing for fans, it does mean we are due an information and media blowout. The question is: will this blowout come during DC FanDome?


At the moment of publishing, Warner Bros. Montreal hasn't announced platforms or a release date for the game, but it's believed in be in development for PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. It's also rumored to release as early as this fall, though 2021 looks more likely at the moment.

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