New Batman Game May Feature Music From Horizon Zero Dawn Composer

While the next Batman game has yet to be officially announced, rumors have been swirling about the [...]

While the next Batman game has yet to be officially announced, rumors have been swirling about the game over the last few months. According to reports, the game will be the next title in Rocksteady Studios' popular franchise, though it has not been confirmed as a sequel to Arkham Knight. Fans don't know exactly what this title will end up looking like, but they could have some idea how it will sound, if the latest rumor is to be believed. Thanks to some Batman style detective work, fans have discovered that the composers at The Flight reposted the Batman-related teasers released by WB Games on their Instagram account. This wouldn't be all that notable except for the fact that The Flight has only ever posted about games they've been involved with! This is not a direct confirmation, but as far as rumors go, it seems pretty credible!

Established in 2005, The Flight consists of two composers: Joe Henson and Alexis Smith. The duo has been responsible for the music for a number of video games over the years, including Horizon Zero Dawn, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, and Alien: Isolation. In addition, The Flight has also composed music for a number of television series. The Flight's Instagram profile mentions "new, secret stuff in production," and the Arkham franchise could very well fit that description!

The Batman Arkham franchise has proven to be one of the bigger surprises of the last two console generations. Video games based on superheroes have always been a bit of a mixed bag, but developed Rocksteady delivered quality experiences that remained faithful to the world established in the Dark Knight's greatest comics, films, and cartoons. Despite the franchise's popularity, it hasn't seen a new entry since 2016's Batman: Arkham VR, leaving fans breathlessly waiting for word on a new game.

As the rumors continue to swirl, it will be interesting to see when the next Batman game is officially announced. E3 seems like a safe bet, but news could come quite a bit sooner, if legitimate details continue to leak out. There is no guarantee that the game will feature any direct ties to the previous Arkham games, but it seems incredibly likely that the next Batman title will at least look to that franchise for some influence. After all, the games have established a loyal fan base since the release of Batman: Arkham Asylum in 2009.

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