New Battlefield Game to Be Revealed Next Week

After more leaks than teasers, Electronic Arts has set the date for the reveal of the next Battlefield game. Those who've been waiting on the game by either embracing or avoiding those sorts of leaks will only have to wait until June 9th, a Wednesday, to see what's coming in the next iteration of the Battlefield games. The event will take place at 7 a.m. PDT on that day, though it hasn't been confirmed if it'll be just a trailer drop or if there will be any sort of stream associated with the event.

The reveal of the new Battlefield game was teased on social media this week with the Battlefield Twitter account sharing the brief video below. With a dramatic entrance, we're met with the Battlefield logo and the time and date for whatever's to come during the reveal.

While this is set to be the sixth main entry in the Battlefield series following Battlefield V, everyone's simply been calling this "the new Battlefield game" or "Battlefield VI" since we don't yet have a name for it. But what if the game itself is just going to be called "Battlefield" as a sort of reset similar to how the Call of Duty before Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War was simply called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare? One would think we would've at least seen the name of the game before now, but we haven't. The leaked trailer ends with the same logo above, though it's worth noting that trailer apparently isn't indicative of what we'll see during the event.

Names aside, there's plenty to look forward to regarding Battlefield next week now that we know the date for the reveal event. Traditional multiplayer will of course be the focus since that's the main draw for returning Battlefield fans, but there's no telling what else we'll see beyond that. Battlefield V was met with criticisms regarding realism and customizations, and it also included a Firestorm battle royale mode which some thought took away from the work put in on the traditional multiplayer component of the game. It'll be worth paying attention to how EA responds to these receptions from players whenever the reveal takes place and we learn more about the new game.


A release date for the new Battlefield game has not been announced nor do we have confirmed platforms, but that'll hopefully change next week.