Battlefield 6 Insider Leaks Some Major New Details

Some new and major Battlefield 6 details have been reportedly revealed by a prominent Battlefield [...]

Some new and major Battlefield 6 details have been reportedly revealed by a prominent Battlefield insider. Unfortunately, there's no word of a release date or a reveal date, but the report does divulge some interesting tidbits. For example, it claims the game will support cross-play between PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC when it releases. However, while revealing this the report casts doubt on the game coming to PS4 and Xbox One, noting that if EA goes ahead and releases last-gen versions of the game, they will be incorporated into this cross-play support. The report doesn't outright say one way or another if the game is coming to PS4 and Xbox One, but the language used suggests this hasn't been finalized yet.

Beyond this, the report, which comes the way of Tom Henderson, Battlefield 6 is taking "levolution" to the next level, or as Henderson puts it, it has levolution "on steroids." What this means is that players will be able to destroy most buildings in the game as long as they don't have objectives in them. And this system is so advanced and complex that the building will fall in different directions depending on where it's being compromised, which makes it sound like there will be a strategic element to destroying buildings.

Continuing, Henderson claims squads are returning with four members and with the ability to create "units" by stacking squads. To this end, assault, support, recon, and engineer classes are back.

Henderson claims the game will make use of a Battle Pass and Seasons structure, with seasons currently planned to be 8 to 10 weeks long.

Lastly, Henderson reveals that there will be some free-to-play element to the game, which will likely come in the form of a battle royale mode, or at least something akin to a battle royale mode.

Unfortunately, this is where the report ends. Right now, none of this has been verified or debunked by a comment from EA or Dice. Until this happens, be sure to take everything with a grain of salt given that nothing here is official. Further, while the source is reliable, and while it's easy to assume everything here is mostly correct, it's also all subject to change.