Battlefield Is Adding Wake Island and Private Games Next Week

Battlefield V players have two new content drops to look forward to next week, one of which will [...]

Battlefield V players have two new content drops to look forward to next week, one of which will give them a way to play with friends in their own private sandboxes while the other one will give everyone a reimagined version of a classic map to play on. EA Dice announced this week that Community Games will be added to the game on December 9th while December 12th will bring with it an update that'll add Wake Island to the game for free.

Release dates for both of these features were announced by Electronic Arts on Friday when it shared a breakdown of how the Community Games will work and an overview of the new Wake Island. These Community Games function as servers where players can define settings like game mode selections, maps, how many players can participate, and other perimeters. EA offered a few examples of the ways players might be able to use the Community Games feature besides just playing private matches with friends.

"Designed for those who want more personalized multiplayer experiences, Community Games will let you create and play on customized servers with specific settings," EA said. "Maybe you want to create a playlist rotating only Pacific maps? Perhaps you're a content creator who prefers your own personal Battlefield V sandbox to create stunning videos? We've designed Community Games to bring something for everyone."

Some limited-time modes will be available through these Community Games even if they're not currently in rotation. EA also said that progression through ranks, weapons, and other metrics will continue in these Community Games so long as players aren't in a password-protected server, so expect players to quickly find ways to rack up as much experience as possible in short amounts of time.

Releasing a few days after these Community Games is the Wake Island map that's being added on December 12th. EA previewed the release of the map with the trailer at the top, and given how it's releasing a few days after the Community Games, expect to see a lot of servers built around the new map as players learn its layout and get their fill of Wake Island.

"Deploy on this horseshoe-shaped classic where American and Japanese forces fight for control over land, air, and sea," EA said. "Get up-close, attack straight on, or flank the enemy using amphibious vehicles. Whether you're invading or defending, the open sandbox design offers multiple approaches to any situation."

EA should have more details on these features closer to launch, so look for those next week as they're available.