Battlefield V Datamine Hints at Firestorm Getting a Respawn System

Battlefield V players who have taken a peek into the game’s files appear to have uncovered [...]

Battlefield V players who have taken a peek into the game's files appear to have uncovered evidence of a respawn system that looks like it will be added to the Firestorm battle royale mode. Other battle royale games have adopted a similar feature that lets players get back into the game instead of having to join a new lobby right when they're eliminated, though Firestorm launched without such a feature. This latest datamine suggests that might be changing soon and also revealed some details about how the respawn system might work.

According to Reddit user temporyal who shared a post within the Battlefield V subreddit which included a bunch of datamined information, EA DICE is already working on a respawn system for select modes in Firestorm. The user said the "recent patch shows some significant signs in various files that DICE is working on a respawn system for the squad and duo" modes. It's worth pointing out though that Duos were removed from Firestorm earlier in the month, but DICE left the door open for the mode to return during certain events or for short periods of time.

Full details on the Firestorm respawn system aren't known yet, but it appears the mechanic is connected to a public event which suggests players will have to capture a location to respawn their group. Players will be met with an on-screen message which says a respawn is available, and the user who datamined the info provided an example of what this might look like. "Squad Spawn" is a term allegedly used to describe the respawn system which the user speculated might mean that players will respawn on their squads like they would in a multiplayer match instead of going through another drop-in sequence like what's seen at the start of most battle royale games.

DICE hasn't confirmed the release of the respawn system yet, so it remains to be seen when and if it'll actually be added.

Apex Legends is the best example of a recent battle royale game which has its own respawn system. Fortnite followed suit soon after with Reboot Vans that allow players to get back in the game so long as part of their team is still alive.

The same datamine also contained some details on the new Mercury map which has now been fully revealed by DICE in a trailer which released on Monday.