New 'Battlefield V' Update Will Improve Kill Cams and Footsteps

EA DICE outlined some of its plans for the next Battlefield V update which include fixing issues [...]

EA DICE outlined some of its plans for the next Battlefield V update which include fixing issues with the game's kill cam and improving a problem players have identified with the noise footsteps make.

With Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes now released for Battlefield V, the second chapter for the game is poised to receive another update on January 29th. Notes for that update to detail what's inside will be released on January 28th, assuming the schedule progresses as planned, but EA DICE gave some insight into what'll be included in the update. One of those changes pertains to the game's kill cams which layers have said feel like they're taking players out of the match for too long. Battlefield V producer Jaqub Ajmal confirmed these reports by saying a fix is coming in the next update.

"Kill-Cam adjustments coming in the next update, including reducing the 3 second delay from Kill-Card to Bleed-out screen," Ajmal said.

Another problem players identified dealt with how loud footsteps are. Players expressed concerns that the footsteps were too noisy and that they couldn't tell where players were coming from, thus negating the entire point of the footstep audio. EA DICE has improvements planned for that as well that players can test once the update releases, though the producer reminded players to make sure they've got their audio set up correctly.

"In the next update there are some further tweaks to the footstep audio that we think will improve this issue," Ajmal said. "Please give it a try again once the new update is released and make sure to give us your feedback! Also please make sure that you are using the appropriate audio settings based upon what kind of audio setup you are using. You can find these settings in Options."

Battlefield V's next update is scheduled to release for all platforms on January 29th with the notes for that update planned to release the day before on January 28th.