Bethesda is Working an "Unannounced Title" Other Than The Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield

Bethesda Game Studios decided to get way ahead of fan inquiries and questions a couple of years [...]

Bethesda Game Studios decided to get way ahead of fan inquiries and questions a couple of years ago when it announced that it was simultaneously working on both Starfield--an all-new IP from the developer--and The Elder Scrolls VI. While we still haven't seen anything related to either of these games other than their reveal trailers, it also looks like the team at Bethesda is currently toiling away on a completely different project that hasn't yet been revealed to the public.

This bit of information comes by way of a recent job listing for a server engineer position at Bethesda Game Studios. In the description of the role, it is said that, "Bethesda Game Studios is seeking a qualified Server Engineer to help create and improve systems for an unannounced title." No other hints related to the mystery game in question are given throughout the listing, unfortunately.

So just what could this new game from Bethesda be if it's not The Elder Scrolls VI or Starfield? Well, there are a few possibilities. For starters, it's worth stressing that this job is one that is located at the Bethesda Game Studios offices in Texas. This wing of the developer is, for the most part, one that has assisted with work on Fallout 76. With this in mind, there's always the chance that this new title could be associated with the ongoing Fallout multiplayer title. Although you would assume that the description for the role would spell this out a bit more directly if this was the case, it's something that can't be counted out.

There's also the chance that this could be for a smaller game, perhaps one for mobile devices. The likelihood of Bethesda Game Studios working on another massive project (such as Fallout 5) in the midst of working on Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI seems incredibly unlikely. As such, the studio has shown in recent years that it's looking to invest more in the mobile space. For another project developed for those devices to come about wouldn't be too shocking in the slightest.

Whatever this game is, though, it's incredibly interesting to know what Bethesda Game Studios has a whole lot more going on than we once thought. What do you think this mysterious new game from the iconic studio could be? Share your own ideas with me either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.