Bizarro Has Been Confirmed For Injustice 2

During the San Diego Comic-Con presentation for Injustice 2 that took place this weekend, we [...]


During the San Diego Comic-Con presentation for Injustice 2 that took place this weekend, we indicated that Superman's alter-ego, Bizarro, just might be joining the game, becoming another threat to the Man of Steel – and the other fighters involved with the hit sequel. Today, the team at NetherRealm Studios have confirmed it – it's Bizarro time!

The company posted a new tweet on the official Injustice 2 Twitter account a little while ago, providing a new screen image of Bizarro and his outfit, along with the line, "Bizarro number one, not Superman!" It didn't really say anything beyond that, but this is good news for those that have been awaiting news on the next big addition to the game, whether it's a new character or a deluxe skin for Superman.

NetherRealm has been doing a very good job with the game's DLC thus far, including Red Hood, who was released in June; Mortal Kombat's Sub-Zero, who debuted earlier this month; and Starfire, who is set to arrive sometime next month with all her super powers in tow. Past that, we haven't heard any DLC plans for the game, though Ed Boon did note that an announcement was forthcoming, indicating that a "big surprise" would be included for fans of the game. Obviously, it may not be Bizarro, but rather someone from outside the usual DC circles. Like Spawn or Hellboy, perhaps.

But Bizarro is a welcome new addition to the fold, though NetherRealm Studios didn't provide any further information on when he would be added, or if his powers would be similar to that of Superman's. Still, the screenshot really says a lot, with his steely, glowing eyes staring right into our soul; his gray crackling skin hiding a menace underneath; and his trademark "reverse" outfit, with a backwards Superman logo. This is probably just one of the appearances he'll have available in the game.

We'll let you know when NetherRealm officially has Bizarro set to come to the roster, but, yeah, he's definitely going to shake things up in Injustice 2, and we're perfectly fine with that. Now to see if he really is better than Superman…

Injustice 2 is available now for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.