Black Adam Gets Awesome New Roblox Experience

The new Black Adam film starring Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has gotten an official Roblox "experience". Superhero fans are getting the first big new DC movie since The Batman this weekend with Black Adam, a film that has been in development since before the current iteration of DC films even began. The Rock was cast as the character back in the late 2000s and the film has been in development hell for years, but now it's finally arriving and it appears to be doing quite well at the box office. The film comes amidst DC's timeline of confusion and chaos, but aims to seemingly get the franchise back on track. Although Black Adam is the origin story of a character that's not exactly mainstream quite yet, it is leveraging pretty mind blowing cameos to try and lure people to the theater for the The Rock's superhero debut.

One of the other key marketing tactics for Warner Brothers appears to be a Roblox experience for Black Adam, which has been officially endorsed by The Rock himself. The experience allows players to do trivia related to the character of Black Adam and become the anti-hero to complete various quests in a custom level. For those who saw the film and are looking for more Black Adam content, this will likely be your best opportunity. For those who just want some new Roblox content to play, this also probably isn't a bad option given you can fly and shoot lightning. 

Of course, Roblox's target demographic is kids, so it is a bit funny to see the game being used to market a film where the main character rips off people's limbs and commits murder on multiple occasions. However, Roblox is no stranger to all kinds of content, so it's not a huge surprise. Nevertheless, this is yet another example of how games are becoming more and more important to other industries and can really elevate something like a new blockbuster film.

Black Adam is in theaters now. Have you seen the film yet? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @Cade_Onder.