Black Panther Comic Writer Wants a Video Game – And So Do We

Black Panther has become quite the sensation this weekend. The movie managed to score a whopping [...]

Black Panther

Black Panther has become quite the sensation this weekend. The movie managed to score a whopping $387 million worldwide at the box office, proving to have just as much staying power as any other Marvel film. And word of mouth is strong – it's a hit with audiences everywhere.

So…does that mean we have a valid argument for having our own Black Panther video game? We'd certainly say so. Imagine a game that's set up on the same level as, say, the Batman: Arkham game, with the king of Wakanda smoothly taking down groups of enemies while attempting to take down more dangerous enemies, such as Kilmonger and Klaue.

It turns out that one of Black Panther's comic writers wants the game just as badly. Evan Narcisse, who is currently hard at work as a writer for the Rise of the Black Panther comic book series for Marvel Comics, took to Twitter to express his desire to work on such a game.

He noted on Twitter, "Y'all know where to find me when you wanna get cracking on that Black Panther video game…"

That's not to say there's one in production, but the tweet is getting a whole lot of attention from fans. Some have made some suggestions as to how the game could go, like @fivefifths noting, "The Elder Scrolls: Wakanda," as well as this spirited response from @cypheroftyr:

But it's been getting response from professional game folk as well. Andrien Gbinigie, who serves as product marketing manager for Ubisoft, expressed his approval (and he's a serious fan – he even cosplayed as Black Panther), and Ryan Treadwell, senior producer for Certain Affinity, noted, "Dang. I'd love to make that. If you ever have a license but not a developer, let me know!"

Considering Black Panther's popularity, it wouldn't be a bad idea for Marvel to look into some sort of video game – and they could probably release it in time for the sequel, once it happens.

Give it some thought, Marvel. We'll be waiting.

Black Panther is in theaters now.