Blade Runner Classic Released on Steam After Poorly Received Remaster

The Blade Runner video game has been a subject of some controversy after a bad remaster. The Blade Runner series has made a name for itself for its amazing aesthetic and world. When the first film came out in the '80s, there was nothing quite like it, especially given how limited visual effects were at that time. Visually, the film still holds up quite well and somehow, its sequel, Blade Runner 2049, managed to blow it out of the water. Both films transport the viewer to a new, dystopian world and it has left many yearning for a video game that can accurately replicate that feeling. In the 90s, a Blade Runner video game was made and became a cult-classic. The game was revived by a fan restoration project and then subsequently remastered by Nightdive Studios, but that aforementioned remaster was a mess thanks to blurry visuals, bugs, and other issues that ultimately ruin the moody vibes of the Blade Runner universe.

Blade Runner Enhanced Edition now includes Blade Runner Classic on Steam, allowing players to play a less janky version of the beloved point-and-click game. Players can also play the game with some "restored" content, which makes it definitive than the remastered version. As of right now, it doesn't seem like the content is coming to consoles, but a patch is on the way as the team is looking at feedback from fans.

"The original Blade Runner, titled Blade Runner Classic, is now available to play with the Enhanced Edition," writes Nightdive's Daniel Grayshon on Steam. "There is also an option to play Blade Runner with some restored content that was left unused from the original game."  

Ultimately, this mess may be disheartening for fans of the original game, but at least the situation is improving. Another new Blade Runner game is also reportedly in development, but little is known about what it will be like or when it will even release, if it's actually real.

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