Blastoise Joins Pokken Tournament DX as New Playable Fighter

Pokken Tournament DX players can now battle as Blastoise beginning today.The second wave of [...]

Pokken Tournament DX players can now battle as Blastoise beginning today.

The second wave of downloadable content from the Pokken Tournament DX Battle Pack is now available. The new DLC adds Blastoise as a powerful new Battle Pokemon and lets players use the Mythical Pokemon Mew and Celebi as Support Pokemon.

As expected, Blastoise comes with a number of different ranged attacks ranging from Bubble to Water Gun to Hydro Pump. These moves can be used to pester an opponent from a distance or surprise players up close. Blastoise can also enter into a special "Shell Fortress Stance" in which it withdraws into its shell and propels itself forward to bludgeon players with its tough exterior. Blastoise's natural armor is also tough, making it one of Pokken Tournament DX's most impressive Pokemon yet.

You can check out Blastoise in action below. Notice how Blastoise uses its Water Cannons to uppercut an opponent into the air. That's a fantastic and nasty move!

Blastoise's Burst Attack is "Destructive Cannon," which occurs when Blastoise transforms into Mega Blastoise in its Synergy Mode. As its name suggests, Destructive Cannon will devastate an opponent, so be careful when Blastoise adds an extra cannon to its arsenal when it powers up.

The only downside to Blastoise is its hilariously out of proportion legs. Blastoise looks like a sumo wrestling squatting down, with huge legs that look several feet long. More than a few players have already started to poke fun at Blastoise's super long legs:

Mew and Celebi also have interesting abilities. Mew's Miraculous Power randomly increase attacks or causes all hits to become critical hits. Meanwhile, Celebi automatically forces a Phase Shift with its unblockable Time Travel attack.

You can purchase the full Battle Pack DLC for just $14.99. The DLC pack also comes with Aegislash as a new playable Pokemon and Mimikyu and Mega Rayquaza as Support Pokemon.