Bloodborne Fans Find Hope for New Announcement at The Game Awards

Bloodborne fans have been met with renewed hope this week that the beloved PlayStation 4 game could soon receive a new update in the coming day. Ever since the PlayStation 5 released back in 2020, fans of the critically-acclaimed FromSoftware action title have been hoping and praying that a next-gen upgrade would roll out for Bloodborne to improve its performance when played on PS5. And while Sony hasn't come close to indicating that anything of this sort could be happening in the future, fans are once again finding a new reason to believe that this could be coming to fruition. 

Spotted by @ThisIsLIJoe on Twitter, a new update for Bloodborne is slated to go live within the coming day on December 8th. This update won't be for the game itself, but will instead be in the form of routine maintenance for the game's servers, which remain live to this day. While nothing about this update on its own indicates that bigger things could be happening, some fans found it quite peculiar that this patch would be going live the same day as The Game Awards. After all, The Game Awards is often an event where major announcements are made concerning a number of upcoming video games. As such, perhaps this maintenance could be taking place in proximity to a larger patch for Bloodborne which could also soon be going live. 

As many Bloodborne fans were quick to point out, though, the game has often received server maintenance like this in the past which has never led to any larger patches dropping in proximity. While there's always a chance that this could change this time around, history tells us that all of these theories and hopes will likely result in nothing but more sadness. Since Sony seems to be doing nothing with Bloodborne as an IP nowadays, though, hope is really the only thing that fans have left to cling to. 

Do you think there's any chance that a Bloodborne announcement ends up happening at The Game Awards? Or are fans merely setting themselves up for more disappointment this week? Let me know what you think about this situation either down in the comments or shoot me a message on Twitter at @MooreMan12.