Breaking: Monster Hunter XX Confirmed For Nintendo Switch

For the longest time, if you’ve been wanting to enjoy Monster Hunter games, they’d be on [...]

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For the longest time, if you've been wanting to enjoy Monster Hunter games, they'd be on handhelds for the most part. There have been console releases, but they've been few and far between.

That said, the Nintendo Switch seems like the best of both worlds, as a console and a handheld system. So, of course, it makes perfect sense that the system would be a good home for a Monster Hunter game. And now, it's getting one.

Capcom confirmed on the official Monster Hunter Twitter account that Monster Hunter XX: Double Cross would be coming to the Nintendo Switch. The tweet can be seen below, and though there are only a few details at the moment, more are expected to come around this Saturday, when Capcom will host a special presentation that will likely reveal more of it in action.

This marks the company's next big release for the Nintendo Switch, as Ultra Street Fighter II is now available for the system. There's no doubt that Capcom will feature it to some extent next month at E3, either at its own booth or as part of Nintendo's elaborate space. We'll probably know more on Saturday once the official details start rolling around.

Monster 2

Monster Hunter XX: Double Cross seems like a big exclusive at the moment, since there has yet to be a release confirmed for either the Xbox One or PlayStation 4. This could obviously change in the future, but, for now, this looks to be another killer title in the Nintendo Switch's arsenal, and one that will not only move sales of the units overseas, but also the U.S., as the game will likely get a translation like previous Hunter games.

We'll have more details on this one very soon, but for now, scope out the official box art and prepare to get excited, Monster Hunter fans. This is real, and it's looking fantastic.