Brie Larson Is Up for a Role in an Animal Crossing Movie

Brie Larson says the Animal Crossing series has always been important to her, so naturally she’s [...]

Brie Larson says the Animal Crossing series has always been important to her, so naturally she's up for playing a role in an Animal Crossing movie, assuming such a movie ever gets made. Larson entertained the idea of being in a potential Animal Crossing movie during an interview with People where she discussed her experiences with Animal Crossing and how long the franchise has been a part of her life. Like pretty much every other Animal Crossing fan, she's also been playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the past week or so after getting it ahead of its official release date.

Larson, the actress Marvel fans will know best for her role in the MCU movies as Captain Marvel, spoke to People about Animal Crossing and her history with the franchise before being asked if she'd be down for a role in a movie. She said that the of course would be open to it and the she supports Animal Crossing all the way.

"Of course. I support Animal Crossing all the way, through and through," she said when asked about the idea of being in an Animal Crossing movie. "I think it's good for our hearts."

Animal Crossing movies and animations have happened before, but there's no known plan for another one right now. Larson didn't mention in the interview which character she'd want to play in such a movie, but she's already shown in the past that she's got the Animal Crossing villager look down if she ever wanted the role.

Larson shared the ad above on her Instagram page right on the day Animal Crossing: New Horizons released to show that she'd partnered with Nintendo to promote the game. She suggested the new Animal Crossing game as a perfect thing to do at home since a lot of people are stuck inside right now.

Animal Crossing isn't the only video game movie she'd be up for either. Years ago, she expressed interest in being in a Metroid movie as Samus Aran after dressing up as the character for Halloween.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is now available for the Nintendo Switch, and you can get online and start visiting your friends quickly with our multiplayer guide.