Bulletstorm, Outriders Creators People Can Fly Are Working on a Next-Gen Game

People Can Fly, the developer responsible for games like Bulletstorm and Outriders, is working on a new game planned for the next generation of consoles as well as PCs and streaming platforms. The developer shared the first details on the unnamed project on Thursday without much to say about the game itself other than that it’ll be a new, original AAA experience. Specific consoles weren’t named, but “release on next-generation consoles” suggests that we’ll see whatever this new game is on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X whenever it’s ready.

The new game will be led by David Grijns, the studio head of People Can Fly’s New York studio, alongside creative director Roland Lesterlin. Three other studios will be involved in the development of what People Can Fly called a “highly ambitious, groundbreaking action-adventure title.”

Those who’ve been keeping up with People Can Fly’s works will recall that their current project, Outriders, is a next-gen game itself. Sebastian Wojciechowski, the CEO of People Can Fly, said adding this new game to its schedule will allow the developer to become the multi-project studio it always hoped to be.

“There is electricity in the air at People Can Fly,” Wojciechowski said. “Last year we announced the opening of our New York studio and revealed Outriders for the first time. Today we have surpassed 250 staff and are excited to announce the next chapter in the development of our company. Our intention from the beginning has been to expand People Can Fly into a multi-project studio and continue to build a global presence for our brand. With the launch of the next-generation consoles later this year, we are incredibly excited about the future of People Can Fly and the games industry as a whole.”


As far as the release plans go, all we know so far is that it’ll come to the PC as well as next-gen consoles. No specific streaming platforms were mentioned, but Google Stadia comes to mind first as the current most popular option for that sort of dedicated service. Outriders is also coming to Google Stadia.

A release timeframe for the game was not provided, but it sounds like it’ll be some time before we see this game released for next-gen consoles and other platforms.

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