Rockstar Games Possibly Hinting At Bully 2 In New GTA Online Update

Rockstar Games is once again possibly hinting at Bully 2, this time courtesy of GTA Online's [...]

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(Photo: Rockstar Games)

Rockstar Games is once again possibly hinting at Bully 2, this time courtesy of GTA Online's newest content update -- The Diamond & Casino Resort. More specifically, in the new update there's the ability to decorate your penthouse with the Decorations Management feature. One of the of things you can decorate is your penthouse's walls with all different types of prints and pieces of art. And one of your choices is the Canis Canem Edit wall piece. For those that don't know: Canis Canem Edit is what Bully was called in Europe. It means "dog eats dog."

So, here's the question: is this simply an Easter egg or an actual nod and wink from Rockstar Games? Well, we can't concretely know one way or another, but if it's simply an Easter egg it's an odd, almost cruel Easter egg considering how desperate the Bully community is for confirmation of a sequel or lack there of. As you may know, a similar Easter egg was discovered in Red Dead Redemption 2 last year. In other words, either Rockstar Games really loves its Bully Easter eggs or it's hinting at something to come. Of course, references don't equate to hints of a sequel, but dropping reference after reference is a bit odd if you don't have anything in the chamber.

Bully 2 Hinted at in the new GTA 5 Casino update from r/bully2

Bully 2 rumors and leaks have been raging for awhile now. We know that at some point a sequel was in the works, but it's unclear if it's still in pipeline. That said, there's been an increasing amount of developments that point to Bully 2. And let's not forget that Yann2295 -- a former Rockstar Games insider -- once said that a sequel to the 2006 title was coming after Red Dead Redemption 2. In other words, maybe none of this is very surprising.

Of course, all of this should still be taken with a grain of salt though. There's a chance this is nothing more than an Easter egg, another homage to the cult-classic title. Who knows. At this point all we can do is speculate. If Bully 2 is coming though, now seems like the window for it do so, before Grand Theft Auto VI arrives sometime next-gen.