Bungie Games Will Remain Multi-Platform Following Sony Acquisition

PlayStation's acquisition of Bungie is the big gaming news of the day, and it could have a major impact on the video game industry. Naturally, fans of Bungie's Destiny games are curious about what will come next, however, in a new blog post, Sony Interactive Entertainment president and CEO Jim Ryan reassured fans that the developer's games will remain multi-platform. Bungie will apparently maintain a significant amount of freedom as part of the deal, and the move is meant to bolster the number of properties under PlayStation's umbrella.

"Bungie's successful track record in multi-format publishing and live game services will assist us in realizing our ambitions to take PlayStation beyond the console and increase our potential audience. They will remain independent and multi-platform, will enjoy creative freedom, and their track record in developing massively successful franchises in the sci-fi shooter genre will be highly complementary to SIE's own IP portfolio," Ryan writes.

On paper, it might seem strange that PlayStation would spend $3.6 billion on a studio that will develop games for multiple platforms. However, Xbox seems to have the same plans in mind for Call of Duty, and Ryan goes on to reveal PlayStation's true motivation behind the purchase: Bungie's assistance in creating future live-service titles. Bungie has significant experience building a long-term player base across multiple platforms, and PlayStation plans to have the team support the creation of future games from PlayStation Studios. Live-service games like Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Genshin Impact generate billions of dollars in revenue each year, but that's an area where PlayStation has limited experience.

With Bungie games remaining multi-platform, and the prospect of new PlayStation Studios games ending up multi-platform, the Bungie deal could be a big win for gamers! Of course, it remains to be seen how this will all shake out, but hopefully it will lead to strong new games from PlayStation and Bungie.

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