'Call of Duty: Black Ops 4' Specialist Quietly Confirmed As Gay In Comic's Backstory

On the heels of Overwatch confirming that hero Soldier 76 had a tumultous past with a previous, [...]

On the heels of Overwatch confirming that hero Soldier 76 had a tumultous past with a previous, subsequently confirming him as a gay character, one Call of Duty plan dug deep into the Black Ops 4 comics only to find that one of the specialists in the game is also a member of the LGBTQ community.

We know that some may roll their eyes and mention something about throats and jamming or whathaveyou, but the Call of Duty comics have always been about fleshing out the backstories of the game's specialists - and yes, that includes love interests.


Before the online game released, Treyarch revealed a set of 10 comics that dove deep into the personal lives of the various specialists seen in the game and it was there that YouTuber 'Drift0r' found a snippet of representation within Prophet's backstory.

For those that may not know who Prophet is, his real name is David Wilkes and he underwent a major metamorphoses in order to basically become a cyborg through various augmentations. In the comic centering around this soldier, it was revealed that an "old friend" named Sam that he was involved with pre-war. When Sam was wounded beyond repair, the comic revealed a very touching scene between the pair that doesn't outright confirm Prophet's sexual orientation, but seems to heavily imply it. Take a look:


And before anyone says that this was just a casual throw-in, keep in mind that Prophet has been established for years now, ever since Black Ops 3 release. Seen in the video above explaining this find, the YouTuber promises that he isn't "stretching" and that he did a lot of homework about this character prior to making his video.

Treyarch has yet to make a public acknowledgement about this, though we have reached out for comment.

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