Call of Duty: Heroes Receives Major Update, Two New Game Modes

Version 4.0 of Call of Duty: Heroes, the hit mobile game from Activision, has finally gone live. [...]

cod heroes
(Photo: Activision)

Version 4.0 of Call of Duty: Heroes, the hit mobile game from Activision, has finally gone live. This latest update brings two brand new game modes to players, offering a nice break to the normal flow of play. For those who don't know, Call of Duty: Heroes is a 3D combat strategy game with millions of registered players on iOS and Android. Version 4.0 adds the "Global Conflict" mode and, of course, a "Prestige" mode.

Global Conflict:

"This new mode allows gamers to connect with each other cooperatively, and fight together for world domination.. This multiplayer, event-based mode pits six 10 to 30 player Alliances against each other in a showdown to control the in-game world map. Alliances claim territories through intense base assaults and then guard claimed bases from the opposing Alliances using their Heroes, with all-new exciting, cinematic Hero Battles adding to the action.

"Players earn Global Conflict XP and Cryptokeys that can be used in the Call of Duty: Heroes Black Market to unlock exclusive Global Conflict customization items, including Wildcards, Calling Cards, and Prestige Tokens which will allow you to Prestige Heroes."


"Also coming with this latest update is Prestige Mode, which introduces a franchise progression feature. Players can power up their Heroes through Prestige Mode, which also allows you to max out and reset Prestige Levels, just like on the console and PC versions of Call of Duty.

"As players gain Prestige Levels, they increase their Prestige Rank, and gain access to powerful Wildcards and Garrison Bonuses. Wildcards are unique and offer special bonuses to Heroes. Equipping them increases a Hero's stats, and Legendary Wildcards can even power up Killstreaks! Players also earn a Garrison Bonus that gives Bonus HP and DPS for bases they are defending in Global Conflict. Higher Heroes' Prestige Ranks allow more Wildcards to be equipped, and ultimately lead to a higher Garrison Bonus."

You can download Call of Duty: Heroes for free right now on iOS or Android. The game does contain microtransactions of course, but is perfectly playable without spending any real-world money. If you're an RTS fan with minimal free time, recruit a few friends and give this one a go.