Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Players Uses the Riot Shield in the Best Way Possible

A Call of Duty: Modern Warfare player combined a Riot Shield and some mind games to pull off a crafty kill in chuckle-worthy video shared with the Modern Warfare community this weekend. The player in question used a Riot Shield to protect themselves from incoming fire while making their opponent guess what their next move was until the Riot Shield user eventually pulled out their own weapon to put an end to the fun.

The Modern Warfare player and Redditor who goes by the name JCdaSpy on the forum shared the video below within the game’s subreddit to show off their creative kill. Sitting inside a room with a Riot Shield just waiting on someone to come through, the player was met with a jumpy enemy who leapt into the room and opened fire. After retreating to set up a follow-up assault, the opponent came crashing back into the room again to try their luck a second time.

This game is so dumb sometimes and I love it. from r/modernwarfare

The result of the next confrontation was a game of cat and mouse where the players swung the door open and shut. The player facing down the Riot Shield user was probably just amused at this point which would explain why they let their guard down and weren’t prepared for a .357 magnum to be on the other side of the door when it was opened for the last time.

While one might expect that the person who got eliminated would feel betrayed after establishing such a connection with the Riot Shield user, the player who submitted the video said they had a good laugh in chat after the kill and that the other player was a good sport.


Whether they’re clipped into videos like this or not, Riot Shields often create some of the more entertaining moments in Modern Warfare and other Call of Duty games. Players are eliminated quickly in Modern Warfare and camping is practiced religiously, so coming across a player who breaks from the norm and sports a Riot Shield typically throws other players for a loop.

Other clips showing humorous incidents like this one have been surfacing lately, though players aren’t always laughing at what’s happening. One video which was shared just over a week ago showed a player getting the worst spawn ever where nothing could have helped them live, not even a Riot Shield.