Call of Duty: Warzone Leak Hints at a Sandbox Mode with Tons of Activities

Call of Duty: Warzone appears to be getting a sandbox mode of sorts, an environment that sounds like it'll be filled with plenty for players to take part in. The info on this sandbox mode comes from some leaked audio files pertaining to Season Two content that's started trickling out now that the latest season has launched. Races, obstacle courses, and squad-based events are just a few of the activities referenced in the leaked audio files.

Twitter user ZestyCODLeaks (via PC Gamer) is the one to thank for the leaked audio files that have been shared online this week. A video hosting all of the relevant audio files and more from Season Two featured the sandbox mode as part of a larger leak.

While all we have to go off of right now is the audio alone, it's difficult to imagine exactly what this sandbox mode will look like, but we can piece together a picture of the activities at play from the leaked voice lines. Below you'll find some of the most interesting quotes from the leaked audio files that deal with safe zones, vehicle-based activities, and more.

Leaked Call of Duty: Warzone Audio Files

  • "The area of operation is vast. Explore the activities."
  • "5, 4, 3, 2, 1, go."
  • "Starting timer."
  • "Starting obstacle course."
  • "Course complete, that's a personal best."
  • "Outgoing lethal fire disabled in safe zone."
  • "Leaving safe zone, weapons hot."
  • "One lap to go."
  • "Reach the finish without touching the ground."
  • "A vehicle is required for this event."
  • "You need your entire squad to participate in this event."

The idea sounds like something of a mix between Fortnite's Creative and Party Royale modes. While it seems like there will be plenty of things for players to do in the sandbox mode when it's added, it could also be an area where live events or other big occasions could easily be held. The whole idea seems like a natural evolution of Warzone seeing how the game is planned to be a persistent fixture alongside the annual Call of Duty releases after transitioning from Modern Warfare content to Black Ops Cold War.

Speaking of those events, this same audio leak also hinted at a nuke going off on Verdansk. That's an event that's been teased numerous times, and it looks like it might finally be happening sometime in Season Two.