Cards Against Humanity’s Co-Founder Steps Down After Toxic Workplace Allegations

The co-founder of Cards Against Humanity has stepped down after a series of allegations emerged [...]

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(Photo: Cards Against Humanity)

The co-founder of Cards Against Humanity has stepped down after a series of allegations emerged about his contributions to a toxic workplace. Earlier today, Cards Against Humanityreleased a statement announcing that Max Temkin, co-founder of the company, had stepped down after a number of allegations were made about the game company's toxic workplace. Cards Against Humanity noted that they began an investigation on June 6th after the allegations emerged and that Temkin had "stepped down" on June 9th, and has no active role in the company. Additionally, Cards Against Humanity planned to hire a firm to overhaul their hiring and management practices, and also hire an outside group to lead workplace training about unconscious bias and communication. The statement also included an apology to " employees who were unheard or disrespected in our office." The statement did not address whether Temkin still retained ownership of the company, which he co-founded to produce the hit party game.

The most recent allegations against Temkin started over the weekend when Teresa Stewart wrote a Twitter thread describing her experiences at the Cards Against Humanity workspace. Temkin was also accused of rape in 2014, a claim that he denied on his blog.

Cards Against Humanity is a popular party game in which players submit cards with various topical or inappropriate phrases to fill in a blank space on a card submitted by one player. The player who submitted the blank card picks the phrase card they feel is the funniest or most awkward, with many combinations of cards resulting in awkward, politically incorrect, or cringe-worthy statements. The game is a best-seller that can be found at most major retailers, and Cards Against Humanity also runs a popular board game cafe in Chicago. In recent years, the company has also gained notice for its political activism speaking out against US president Donald J. Trump.

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