Cards Against Humanity Pranks Black Friday With Its Own Chip Brand

Cards Against Humanity isn’t your typical card game. For years, the team has not only been [...]


Cards Against Humanity isn't your typical card game. For years, the team has not only been producing a great line-up of question and answer cards, but also launching a number of innovative promotions, including a most recent one where it promised to save America, not to mention a few years back when it sent out actual manure as a "holiday gift." And fans have been loving it.

But instead of taking advantage of Black Friday like so many retailers this weekend, Cards Against Humanity pulled off what could be its most effective pranks in years – by announcing that the card game was being "retired" (obviously not, but still) and launching a brand of chips known as Original Prongles.

The name, obviously, is a comedic take on Pringles, featuring a pig taking part in extreme sports and eating chips, and the phrase, "Once you pop, that's great!" being in place of the "You can't stop" line.

But here's the thing – the chips actually exist. We've seen a number of shoppers spot them over the weekend, with two different flavors available – Salt and Potato and Onions and Cream. (You read that right.)

Here's what the official Prongles site says:

"Looking for flavor? You've crunched to the right place! Here at Prongles, we have a passion for stackable, snackable potato chips. Once you detonate one of these salty, savory flavorbombs in your mouth, we think you'll agree!

"It all started with a dream and a love of the crunch. That's why we've retired our popular comedy card game – Cards Against Humanity – to pursue our real passion: dominating the global snack food industry with a revolutionary potato chip. Our motto reflects our commitment to bold flavors and bold thinking:

Once you pop, THAT'S GREAT!"

These guys went the extra mile with the site, setting up everything from a FAQ ("I think I'm losing my mind." "Sounds like someone needs a Prongle!") to a poll asking its audience to vote on its next chip flavor, between America, Tacos & Burritos and, at the moment, the winner at the forefront – Whole Fish. (Ick.)

We're not sure how much longer Cards Against Humanity will keep up this prank – its other site is still up and running, so it doesn't seem like the card game is really going away. But this is pretty hilarious in the face of Black Friday, even if we're not too crazy about the idea of fish-flavored chips.