Cliff Bleszinski Speaks Out On LawBreakers: The Press Can F*** Off


Earlier this year, Boss Key Studios, run by gaming producer Cliff Bleszinski, hit the ground running with its debut effort, LawBreakers, for PlayStation 4 and PC, in the hopes of catching onto the multiplayer phenomenon that’s happening with games like Overwatch and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Unfortunately, it hasn’t quite caught fire like anticipated.

There has been word for some time about the game’s audience numbers, even getting to the point that there were only ten concurrent players with the Steam version. But Bleszinski and company are keeping confident about the game, noting that it’s “a marathon, not a sprint” when it came to attaining success. He also pointed out that games like Rocket League and Warframe started out small before finding their enormous following.

“All I need to do is maintain enough CCU (concurrent users) to make sure that if you join, the matchmaking works decently enough and people get hooked enough, while also telegraphing every damn thing we’re working on,” noted Bleszinski, speaking with GamesIndustry International.

That said, Bleszinski also passed along some blame to gaming media, who were quick to note the game’s failure. “They’re just looking for clicks, man,” he noted. “They’re just looking for ad revenue. We’re going to keep doing what we’re doing, and they’re welcome to print whatever they want – but as far as I’m concerned, they can fuck off. We’re going to keep making our game for our fans.” Pretty blunt and to the point.

He also noted that fans that enjoy the game are certainly expressing themselves. “Everyone who’s played it loves it,” he said. “You look at the Steam reviews and we’re damn near 90 percent positive.

“The thing is we don’t have enough players yet. We have a small fledging community that we’re continuing to staunchly communicate with on a regular basis. We’re being completely transparent about updates and patches, and we’re continuing to scramble on the longer term things we have planned for the game.”

The full interview can be found here. While Bleszinski and company still have work to do when it comes to LawBreakers, the updates to the game are certainly helping. It can only get better from here, right? And there’s always the chance we could see it for other platforms, too.

LawBreakers is available now for PlayStation 4 and PC.