CMON Announces Massive Darkness 2

CMON changed things up and successfully funded their new comics on Kickstarter, but for their [...]

CMON changed things up and successfully funded their new comics on Kickstarter, but for their newest campaign they are moving back to their bread and butter, and that's board games. After the CMON Comics project came to a close, CMON announced their next game is the sequel to their hit Massive Darkness, and the sequel is aptly named Massive Darkness 2. Fans got a teaser trailer for the new game, which you can check out the video above. The trailer is short but contains the following text.

" thought you vanquished the darkness, but the battle has barely begun. It will take you to the deepest dimensions. Through the most dangerous dungeons. Face your demons. Bring light to the darkness in 2020."

Other than knowing it will hit in 2020 we don't have much other info. For those unfamiliar with the first game, Massive Darkness is a cooperative dungeon crawler that puts an emphasis on the use of shadow and light areas on the map. The game gives you a distinct set of abilities when you enter shadow mode that you'll need to survive the underground lairs and ultimately win the game, and it boasts some sweet miniatures too.

Since the original release, the game has also received a Companion App that lets you swap a tablet for your hero board. The app keeps track of your character's inventory, your experience, and your various skills, and even includes a few other helpful bells and whistles for general gameplay. We're not sure if Massive Darkness 2 will have this at launch, but we hope so.

You can find the official description of the original game below.

"Bring light to the darkness!

Long ago, a battle was waged between the Darkness and the legendary Lightbringers. Through magical craftsmanship, these warriors were equipped with powerful weapons and won the war. Years later, the Darkness has returned…

In Massive Darkness, you will choose a Hero and a Class before setting off for adventure. You will move, explore, equip and upgrade your Heroes to defeat the Darkness. By using the innovative Shadow Mode, you can avoid detection and use darkness to your advantage. In this miniature-based campaign game, brute strength will only get you so far. It's going to take cunning, stealth, and smarts to defeat this ancient enemy and get out alive."

No date has been announced for the Massive Darkness 2 Kickstarter, but we'll keep you posted. In the meantime, you can always find me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB for all things tabletop!