Conspiracy MMO Secret World Legends Launches Today, Playable for Free

Are you ready to dive into a dark and dangerous world where all of the most dreadful conspiracy [...]

Are you ready to dive into a dark and dangerous world where all of the most dreadful conspiracy theories are fully realized? Are you ready to take a stand and contribute to the shadow war being fought to decide the fate of the world? Grab a friend and equip some tinfoil helmets, because Secret World Legends has finally rebooted and is now completely free to play. Check out the new launch trailer above.

"Reimagined and reborn from Funcom's acclaimed massively multiplayer online game The Secret World, Secret World Legends features well over 100 hours of story-driven content that can be explored in entirety either alone, with a group of friends, or with strangers you meet in the online world."

If you've been craving an MMORPG experience that's a little less fantasy and a little more supernatural, Secret World Legends is very likely that game that you've been waiting for. This author has heard that it boasts one of the best stories of any MMO out there, and that it's worth playing through even if you want to go solo, thanks to the revised gameplay mechanics. In fact, Secret World Legends is more than a simple reboot -- the entire game has been streamlined and improved from the top down.

"Secret World Legends revamps the core gameplay experience to be more accessible to both newcomers and long-time fans, introducing stronger progression structures, streamlined quest flow, and improved visuals and UI. Combat is more dynamic than ever, redesigned from traditional MMO-style tab targeting to a more modern action-driven reticle system, and each of the game's nine weapon types have been reengineered with new mechanics to offer a unique feel in battle."

"From the ambitious scale of its storytelling to the quality of quest design and voice acting, Secret World Legends delivers an experience unlike any other you can find in gaming," says Executive Producer Scott Junior at Funcom. "It's a captivating journey into the unknown with an adult setting and tone perfect for fans of deep, rewarding RPGs. And if you want, you can experience all of it with friends and strangers in this huge online world we've built. Or you can go at it alone – it's completely up to you."

So how about it? Fancy joining up with the Illuminati and plumbing the depths of the world's most sacred mysteries and darkest secrets? To learn more about Secret World Legends or to play the game, check out the official website.