Coronavirus Leads to Increased Sales of One Big Nintendo Switch Game

The Nintendo Switch might be a bit harder to come by over the next few months thank to [...]

The Nintendo Switch might be a bit harder to come by over the next few months thank to Coronavirus. Part of the console is manufactured in China, and as industry in the country grinds to a halt, it seems poised to have an impact on sales everywhere else, as well. However, while Coronavirus will likely lead to a spike in demand for the console, it's also leading to a spike in demand for one piece of software in particular: Nintendo's Ring Fit Adventure. While the title has been a surprise hit for Nintendo Switch since its release in the fall, it's now a hit in China, where it has yet to see an official release!

According to video game industry analyst Daniel Ahmad, Chinese retailers are purchasing the game in bulk, and selling them in China for more than $250 (the game's MSRP is $79). With the outbreak causing many to stay indoors, Ring Fit Adventure is likely seen by many as a strong alternative to hitting the gym, at the moment. Given the popularity of YouTube videos showcasing the game, it's easy to see how demand has been propelled outside of the region.

Interestingly enough, Chinese Switch units are backwards compatible with software from other countries, but Chinese software is region-locked. So, while Switch owners in China can enjoy Ring Fit Adventure (with a bit of a mark-up), North American gamers that might want to try out the region's exclusive Rabbids Adventure Party from Ubisoft are out of luck.

Ring Fit Adventure has quickly proven to be one of the system's best-selling games. While Nintendo's Wii Fit was a massive success for the company, Ring Fit Adventure follows a much different take on exercise. Instead of traditional fitness activities, Ring Fit Adventure is actually an RPG, which players control using the game's included Ring-Con and Leg Strap. Players defeat enemies in turn-based combat by using different exercise positions. It's a unique concept, but one that has clearly found an audience worldwide!

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