Counter-Strike Commentator in Hot Water After Hurling a Racial Slur as an Insult Mid-Stream

racial slur
(Photo: Sadokist via Facebook)

Another day, another instance of a racial slur being caught on a live-stream in a professional environment. The latest instance centers around a birthday stream that featured Counter-Strike: Global Offensive commentator Matthew "Sadokist" Trivett.

During the stream he was recorded hurling a racial slur, with intent to insult, at another member on the chat as well as telling another person to go kill themselves. The moment itself was caught during a stream of PUBG where he is seen stating, "I am literally going 50% and I am the best in esports. Wait until I go 100%, you f**** n****."

According to Trivett, he blames his aggressive behavior on drinking during an AMA after telling one CS:GO member, Don Haci, "Maybe put a belt around your neck and jump off a cliff with that belt still attached, that would be better for everyone."

Haci took to his Twitter account to share the moment in action:

Many didn't take kindly to the insult with memes mocking his use of a racial slur while also scratching their heads as to why he seems to hell bent on ending his career:


While others came to his defense:

One this is for certain, Sadokist is a known commentator that works in the streaming industry professionally. While some pass it off as "just trash talk," this isn't an instance with friends - this is now his profession and in no way is using a racial term and telling someone to go kill themselves (especially not in a harmful manner) OK in a working environment.