Crackdown 3 Unleashes The Beast With An Explosive Terry Crews Trailer

We all knew Crackdown 3 would be one of Microsoft’s biggest reveals at E3 2017, and sure enough, [...]

We all knew Crackdown 3 would be one of Microsoft's biggest reveals at E3 2017, and sure enough, they just delivered a properly explosive trailer at their press conference. What we didn't know is that the trailer would be getting an massive intensity boost from none other than Brooklyn Nine Nine and Old Spice spokesman Terry Crews. Check it out, above!

Crews stars as Commander Jaxon, who promptly drops an F-bomb, then gives the viewer a pretty darn effective pep talk. Forgot throwing grenades, you're going to be throwing cars! Dropping bombs? Forget it! You're going to be dropping buildings. Time to step up your BOOM! Welcome to The Agency! Welp, consider me pumped.

Interestingly, fans have been madly speculating that Terry Crews will be joining the cast of Overwatch as new hero Doomfist. Does Crews attaching himself to Crackdown 3 mean the Overwatch thing isn't happening? Or is there enough Terry to go around? I'd bet if asked, he'd say the latter.

Oh, and the trailer also features some Crackdown 3 gameplay footage. How novel! If you've ever played a Crackdown game before, it's familiar stuff, featuring slick cell-shaded visuals, crazy high jumps, ability orbs, car throwing, and of course, lots of explosions. Crackdown 3 may not be the most innovative game, but it's just nice to see it's shaping up solidly. The game has been largely missing in action since 2015, so some fans were worried. Also, where can I download that song they use in the trailer?

Crackdown 3 jumps onto PC and Xbox One on November 17.