Crash Bandicoot’s Developers Are Looking To Broaden His Appeal To Fans

Once upon a time, Sony found the ideal way to appeal to fans of the Crash Bandicoot series on [...]

Once upon a time, Sony found the ideal way to appeal to fans of the Crash Bandicoot series on PlayStation, starting with a guy in a Crash costume driving up to Nintendo's headquarters and taunting the executives inside. (We've included that commercial above in case you need a reminder.) But now, with Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy around the corner, the team at Vicarious Visions are trying to broaden the appeal of the classic hero.

Speaking with GameSpot, the trilogy's creative director, Dan Tanguay, talked about how the team is trying to make Crash appealing for a whole new generation of fans – especially since the games involved are almost two decades old.

"We wanted to broaden Crash's appeal, so we had to keep in mind the new audience that might've never played these games before. It was important for us to consider that audience and how they might react to any decision we make. As a result, whenever we made a decision, we had to constantly ask ourselves: 'But who are we making this decision for?' In the case of, say, remastering cutscenes, that's a no-brainer. We remade those to make them enjoyable [to] everyone, but we also made sure to craft those scenes so they could hit the nostalgic Crash audience square in the feels," he explained.

Now, if N. Sane Trilogy ends up being popular – and there's a good chance it will be – there's always the opportunity for the developers at Vicarious Visions to work on new Crash adventures, with a "return to the mainstream conscience." How that goes really depends how the game sells overall. "We want him [Crash] to be in everyone's homes again and to create new fans with this collection and the work we've done on Skylanders Imaginators with the Crash Action pack. Would we love to see another Crash game? A new one? Absolutely, but we'll have to wait and see how this one sells and what the people above me decide."

We'll see how the game does when it arrives on June 30th for PlayStation 4. Now, will we see a dude in a Crash costume at E3 next week? Hmmm…