Crash Team Rumble Reveals Release Date and Closed Beta Details

Crash Team Rumble release date and beta details have been revealed. The Crash Bandicoot series is one of gaming's most beloved franchises out there, but it took quite a bit of time off before Activision opted to revive it. Given how many franchises Activision has more or less abandoned, it is a bit shocking to see Crash Bandicoot still going strong amidst the heyday of other more important IP to the publisher like Call of Duty. Not only that, but Activision is taking a pretty big swing with this next Crash game as its not another remake or a new platformer, it's a 4v4 multiplayer game that doesn't even really belong to any particular genre besides online games.

Thankfully, Activision wants to give everyone a chance to see what kind of whacky stuff Toys for Bob has been cooking up with Crash Team Rumble. Fans will get a chance to participate in a closed beta for the game from April 20th – April 24th. The beta will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and PS5 and feature 5 playable heroes from the game, 4 power abilities, and 3 maps, but that's just a small taste of what's in the actual game. To gain access to this beta, you'll need to pre-order the full game which will release on June 20th and costs just $29.99 for the standard edition which includes the first premium battle pass. You can also get the $39.99 deluxe edition which includes the first two premium battle passes and a bunch of other digital goodies. If you're worried about what platform you should pick so you can play with your friends, fear not, the game is cross-play.

It seems like Activision is trying to make sure Crash Team Rumble is pretty accessible given the low price point for the game, cross-play functionality, and even a closed beta to give fans a chance to try the game before it releases. As of right now, it remains to be seen how the game will turn out, but it could be a breakout multiplayer game for the summer.

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