Critical Role's Extra-Sized Campaign 2 Finale Airs This Week

Critical Role's second campaign is coming to an end, with an extra-sized finale airing this week. Critical Role confirmed that they would air the final episode of its current campaign on Thursday, bringing the adventures of the Mighty Nein to an end. The finale episode will have an increased runtime, which will impact Critical Role's re-broadcasts of the episode. Instead of re-broadcasting at 12 AM and 9 AM PT on Friday, Critical Role will instead start its broadcasts at 2:30 AM and 10:30 AM PT. DM Matt Mercer noted that it would publish the final run-time of the finale episode before airing so fans could make plans accordingly.

Critical Role is a popular web series starring a group of voice actors who play Dungeons & Dragons. Launched back in 2015, the web series has aired over a thousand hours of content, most of which involves very epic Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. Not only has the web series become one of the gold standards for "let's play"-style series, Critical Role has also built up a media empire that includes a continuous stream of merchandise, an upcoming animated series, and a comic book line.

The finale marks an end to a 141-episode Dungeons & Dragons campaign that ran for over 550 hours, almost all of which was aired live for thousands of fans. For reference, Campaign 2 of Critical Role ran over 100 hours longer than Campaign 1, although the original campaign was started as a home game and approximately half of its adventures took place off-camera.

Critical Role has not announced any future plans for its flagship series. There was an approximately three month gap between the end of Campaign 1 and the start of Campaign 2. While Critical Role is one of the most popular series on the Internet, its cast includes several busy voice actors (such as Laura Bailey and Travis Willingham) and a break also provides DM Matt Mercer with time to prepare for the next epic-scale encounter.


You can watch the finale of Critical Role on the show's Twitch channel at 7 PM PT this Thursday. New episodes are also posted to YouTube every Monday.