'Daredevil' Star Deborah Ann Woll to Guest Star on 'Critical Role'

Daredevil actress Deborah Ann Woll will guest star on next week's episode of Critical [...]

Daredevil actress Deborah Ann Woll will guest star on next week's episode of Critical Role.

Critical Role is a popular webseries in which a group of famous voice actors play through a weekly Dungeons & Dragons campaign. The series occasionally brings in guest stars, many of whom are popular actors or voice actors and are also avid fans of tabletop gaming.

Woll, who played Karen Page on the recently cancelled Netflix series, will guest star on the next episode of Critical Role as an unspecified character. Woll is a well known Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast. She's mentioned in multiple interviews that she has both played in and run games on the sets of Daredevil and the HBO series True Blood, along with her own home games.

Woll and the cast of Critical Role have played D&D together before. Woll appeared on the webseries Force Grey, which also starred Critical Role cast members Matthew Mercer as the DM and Marisha Ray as a fellow adventurer. Mercer and Ray also appeared on a one-shot adventure DMed by Woll during this summer's Stream of Many Eyes event, which was organized by Wizards of the Coast.

Critical Role has had a series of explosive and exciting episodes, including an epic showdown with a treacherous pirate captain and her crew two weeks ago. The cast currently plays as the Mighty Nein, a group of misfit adventurers who are scouring the seas looking for clues about a trapped serpent god named Uka'toa that has imbued a member of the party with arcane powers.

Most Critical Role guest characters have only appeared for a single episode, but a few have made multiple appearances. The current campaign has featured Walking Dead star Khary Payton and popular voice actress Ashly Burch in multiple episodes.

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