Critical Role Characters Appears in Amazing Animated Commercial for D&D Beyond

Critical Role aired a surprise commercial for D&D Beyond on last night's show featuring their "Mighty Nein" characters taking on a group of gnolls as cast member Sam Riegel sings an epic rock ballad in the background.

D&D Beyond, an officially licensed D&D tool that allows players to create characters and store their character sheets and inventory online, has sponsored Critical Role throughout its second season. In addition to the cast using D&D Beyond's toolset on the show, cast member Sam Riegel writes up a short and (always hilarious) skit for D&D Beyond that he performs at the beginning of the show.

Several weeks ago, Riegel wrote up a jingle for D&D Beyond in the style of an '80s rock ballad. As fans went nuts and made their own remixes or orchestral versions of the song, D&D Beyond recruited animators Kamille Areopagita & Kevin Areopagita to produce an amazing commercial in the style of a classic Saturday morning cartoon opening montage.

The cartoon features a young girl playing as a warlock but getting confused keeping track of her character's inventory. She turns to D&D Beyond for help and quickly gets dragged into a battle between the Mighty Nein and a pack of gnolls in a mineshaft. Riegel sings a new version of his D&D Beyond jingle, with orchestral accompaniment by Mr. Fantastic.

Kamile Areopagita should be no stranger to Critical Role fans. She previously illustrated a similar opening featuring the Vox Machina cast that was featured on a previous episode this season.


Not only is the video amazing to watch, it also caused fans to start clamoring (again) for a Critical Role animated show. Since the show's cast are all voice actors, fans feel that an animated spinoff would be the perfect tie-in for Critical Role.

New episodes of Critical Role airs every Thursday on Geek & Sundry's Twitch channel and Alpha. D&D players can check out D&D Beyond at their website, or download the mobile app. You can also check out most of the Critical Role cast at this weekend's "Stream of Many Eyes" event, which is airing on D&D's official Twitch channel.