Critical Role Reveals Official Character Art for Exandria Unlimited

Critical Role has released the official character art for its new Exandria Unlimited show. Earlier [...]

Critical Role has released the official character art for its new Exandria Unlimited show. Earlier today, Critical Role revealed the official character art for Exandria Unlimited, which was illustrated by Hannah Friederichs. The artwork shows the Halfling Fighter Orym (played by Liam O'Brien), Hexblade Warlock Opal (played by Aimee Carrero), Dwarf Divine Soul Sorcerer Dariax (played by Matthew Mercer), Air Genasi Bard Dorian Storm (played by Robbie Daymond), and Faun Wildfire Druid Faerne Calloway (played by Ashley Johnson) lounging in one of Emon's plazas as DM Aabria Iyengar views from the distance in the skies.

Exandria Unlimited is a new eight-episode show by Critical Role that represents a new direction for the popular web series. Exandria Unlimited is the first multi-episode show that has a DM besides Matthew Mercer and also features two new cast members - Carrero and Daymond. Exandria Unlimited is also the first time that Mercer has sat at the gaming table as a player for more than a one-shot.

While the dynamic cast of Exandria Unlimited is enough of an incentive to watch the new show, it also gives potential viewers a chance to dive into Critical Role without committing to one of the show's full-length campaigns, both of which contain over 400 hours of content. "Exandria Unlimited feels like a nice gateway into the world because it is a limited story," Carrero said in an interview with earlier this month. "Having been an audience member, if I'm just starting out into this world, or even if I'm like an experienced player or an experienced watcher, I think this is just like a really perfect time to dip your toe in the water if you're interested, because it's very easy to catch up. And you don't feel like there's so much information that you need to know before watching it."

Exandria Unlimited airs every Thursday on Critical Role's Twitch and YouTube channels. The episodes are also posted every Monday both as VOD on YouTube and as audio podcasts.