Critical Role's Robbie Daymond Debuts Touching Ballad to Bertrand Bell

Robbie Daymond continues to prove why he's the heartthrob of Critical Role, as the voice actor has debuted a new song dedicated to his character's fallen friend. Earlier this week, Daymond posted a new video titled "The Ballad of Bertrand Bell," which features Daymond (as his Critical Role character Dorian Storm) singing a lullaby about Travis Willingham's Bertrand Bell. Dorian met Bertrand at the start of Campaign 3 and bonded with the veteran adventurer before Bell was assassinated by a dwarf a short time available. The death seemed to weigh on Dorian heavily, and he later got his revenge by slaying the dwarf who murdered Bell. Dorian and his newfound friends named their adventuring group Bell's Hells in honor of the veteran adventurer. You can listen to the full ballad below: 

Speaking with earlier this year, Daymond described his feelings about Bell. "I love the archetype of sort of the crusty old has-been who's got one last shot at glory," Daymond said. "I love that, so it was easy to bond with Bertrand and Travis. I really enjoy sitting next to Travis." 

And while Daymond suspected that Bell wasn't going to survive long in the game, he decided that he liked the character enough to keep Dorian close to him. "I saw some of the writing on the wall as it was happening," Daymond said. "And I was like, "Man, he's going to kill this guy, for sure." So, I hope it's not too meta, but as I was playing, I was like, "I really like Bertrand, let me not distance myself from him." As you would distance yourself, perhaps from someone that you knew was going to be leaving your life. So I snuggled up to Bertrand to see what things are like."

While Dorian eventually departed Bell's Hells to help protect his wayward brother, Daymond will bring back the character this week in a new two-part Exandria Unlimited adventure. Based on the description of the video, which references the skyship that Dorian and his brother departed upon, one could surmise that the ballad serves as a bridge of sorts between the two adventures, with Dorian keeping his fellow passengers entertained as he makes his way back to his other friends. 

You can follow Dorian Storm's next adventure when Exandria Unlimited returns this week. The two-part special will air on March 31st and April 1st on Critical Role's Twitch channel.