Critical Role Cast Debates Dice on Exclusive The Great Debate Clip

The cast of Critical Role will be debating a topic near and dear to their hearts during this [...]

The cast of Critical Role will be debating a topic near and dear to their hearts during this week's episode of The Great Debate. This Thursday, the cast of Critical Role will appear on the late night SYFY series SYFY Wire's The Great Debate, talking about everything from dragons to their fantasy authors. In a clip provided exclusively to, you can watch Laura Bailey and Travis Willingham duke it out over whether it's ever okay to roll someone else's dice. Critters know that Bailey is very protective of her enormous dice collection, and Willingham seems to take a little too much pleasure in revealing that he occasionally "blesses" her dice before she arrives at the studio. The full clip can be viewed above.

Critical Role is the smash hit web series about a group of voice actors who play Dungeons & Dragons. What started off as a home tabletop RPG game has become a multimedia smash hit, with Critical Role airing weekly episodes on their Twitch channel. In addition to their flagship D&D show, Critical Role is also developing an animated series that has already been picked up by Amazon Prime, has a best-selling comics series, and produces and airs other programming weekly. Critical Role also has a wide variety of merchandise available, including new figures by Funko and MacFarlane Toys.

The Great Debate is a weekly late-night series airing on SYFY featuring guests debating passionately about various geek-themed topics, and this week's episode is a special extended episode as a part of SYFY's "FanFest Week." The episode will air this Thursday night at 11 PM/10 PM CT.

Critical Role airs new episodes every Thursday at 7 PM PT on their Twitch channel, with new episodes available on demand every Monday on their YouTube channel.