Critical Role Funko Pop! Figures Coming This Fall

crit role funko hed
(Photo: Funko)

Funko will be releasing eight new Funko Pop! figures based on Critical Role's Vox Machina characters. Earlier today, Critical Role revealed a first look at the eight new figures, which will be released in September/October of this year. The figures feature the full Vox Machina party, each with their own little details and flourishes. Additionally, a special figure of Trinket (Vex's bear companion) will be sold at speciality shop stores only. Pre-orders for the figures (save for Trinket) are available here at Entertainment Earth now.

Critical Role is a web phenomenon, showcasing just how engaging and captivating Dungeons & Dragons can be. The series, which features a group of voice actors playing Dungeons & Dragons, launched back in 2015 as a weekly web series on Geek & Sundry and has since expanded to its own channel and production studio. The cast regularly performs live shows to packed audiences, set Kickstarter records for an animated series (later picked up by Amazon), and has its own comics series published by Dark Horse.

The figures should delight any Critical Role fan, with small nods and touches to Vox Machina's long history. Scanlan's figure sits on top of a Bigby's Hand stand, while Vax is wielding his distinctive Flametongue Dagger and Dagger of Venom. Even Trinket is decked out in bows, a reference to a classic Trinket moment featuring Vax and Keyleth. Grog and Pike both have their facial scars, and several of the characters are armed with the Vestiges of Divergence that helped them defeat countless foes over the course of Critical Role's first 100+ episode campaign.

Funko previously released a special "Vex on Broom" figure earlier this summer that was made available only at Best Buy and quickly sold out (currently available on eBay). These new figures are the first "mass release" Funko Pop! figures and should be hot sellers. Critical Role also has apparel available at Hot Topic, is working with McFarlane Toys to produce high quality figures, and is about to release a book with Penguin House (Amazon).

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