Cthulhu Faces Off Against A Dragonborn With This 'Skyrim' Mod

Looking for a little more fantasy in your fantasy-adventure game? Then this 'Monsters of Cthulhu' [...]

Looking for a little more fantasy in your fantasy-adventure game? Then this "Monsters of Cthulhu" mod could be just the thing to make those freaky little dreams come true.

This mod is more than a simple creature feature, it's a fully-voiced project that brings new armors, weapons, enemies, and an entirely new area to explore! It's not a simple mod, it's an experience.

According to the mod's creator, "This quest will plunge you into the depths of Lovecraftian horror that were only hinted at in the Dragonborn DLC, pitting you against giant monsters not from the sea, but from the stars. This is a direct sequel to "Here There Be Monsters", and as such will require both mods. After you finish the original two quests, (and walk into one of the coastal taverns to trigger the quest,) you will receive a letter that will set in motion a new chain of events that will pit you against the Great Old Ones. This quest will assume you have completed both the main quest and Dragonborn, since it is a bit of a sequel to the Miraak story as well. (However, this is not technically required; I realize some people may have multiple characters that have not finished the main quest. Just realize that the dialogue/story assumes you have beaten both Alduin and Miraak.) Consider this a sort of endgame quest; I cannot guarantee that all NPCs will survive, especially if you choose to join Cthulhu. Other than that, enjoy! I've learned a lot trying to scrape this together, and it's definitely not polished, but I will continue to polish it. I hope it's worth the wait."

In addition to numerous new side quests, the main questline also adds a new journey for players to enjoy alongside "The Hunter." The modder explains, "He is essential for the quests and the story that they tell. As such, the mod will make him follow you through most of the quest. He should stop following you after the quest is completed. Please do not murder him, or disable him, or otherwise get rid of him. The quest makes no sense without him, just let him follow you. Thank you."

Apparently murdering is something the poor Hunter has had to deal with in the past. But to be fair, NPCs die quite easily in Skyrim, so the disclosure probably isn't the worst thing to put out there.

Ready to try this out for yourself on PC? You can download the Monsters of Cthulhu mod right here on Nexus Mods!

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