'Dark Souls 3' Cut Content Reveals a Ton Of Enemies That Never Made It Past Alpha

For the hardcore Dark Souls fan, Lance McDonald's alpha cut videos are the best. He's done some [...]

For the hardcore Dark Souls fan, Lance McDonald's alpha cut videos are the best. He's done some amazing additional content work with Bloodborne, and had just recently made the transition over to the Dark Souls side. His latest video, seen above, dives deeper into Baby Ocelotte and Vordt covered in babies.

According to the video's description:

"Another look at some cut content from the Dark Souls 3 alpha. A whole bunch of unused enemies. Some newly discovered, and further revisited enemies that didn't make it into the final game, or at least got changed dramatically before release. Oceiros smashing Ocelotte into the ground, Vordt covered in babies, hostile Pilgrims of Londor, and a bunch more."

While playing through the Alpha footage seen above, many enemies that never made the final cut can be seen including a huge difference with baby Ocelotte. Between that and the vast differences the boss Vordt saw when the game finally released, it's interesting to see what could have been. I mean, that boss with babies crawling all over him? Can you say "creepy"?

It's definitely interesting to see what could have been with Dark Souls 3, especially for those that are familiar with how Oceiros was in-game. If you dug the first video in his alpha series for Dark Souls, McDonald mentioned that he is definitely interested in expanding upon this series and going even deeper into this franchise's brutal secrets.

For those that need a little backstory on Oceiros, the Consumed King, he's the boss in the third game. Players will run into him below Lothric Castle where he guards the shrine. The eyeless foe is an incredibly vocal boss that references the baby talked about in the video often and gives players insight into the deeper lore found within this title.

According to the Dark Souls 3 wiki:

"Oceiros was once the King of Lothric and was married to the Queen of Lothric, who was initially revered as the goddess of fertility and bounty, and Ocelotte was the youngest child the queen gave birth to. He went mad trying to harness his royal blood for a greater purpose, leading him to the heretics in the Grand Archives, where he discovered the twisted worship of Seath the paledrake.

He may have gone senile or mad with age and isolation. His dialogue mentions there is a child called Ocelotte; and he cradles something, as if he were holding a child, though nothing is seen; yet as you smack him around, he tells Ocelotte to come out, as if just realizing that Ocelotte isn't in his hands, and now he himself doesn't know where Ocelotte is. Perhaps he remembers something painful, as when you smack him around further, he screams the name of Ocelotte and becomes a frenzied beast, no longer human. As you weaken him, you will hear a baby cry...perhaps the child really is invisible? Or maybe the king, consumed by his desire to study and gain the power of dragons, experimented and fused with the dragon child Ocelotte, becoming a twisted dragon man, and the cries heard when Ocelotte takes over are cries of pain? Or maybe the child is just invisible. Speculation can only go so far. "

With all of the different changes you can see in the Alpha footage, what's something you would have like to see make it into the final game? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below, or hit me up over on Twitter @DirtyEffinHippy!