This Crossover Proves That Dark Souls and Cuphead Aren't That Different

Mixing Dark Souls with the animation of Cuphead isn’t the first crossover project that you might [...]

Mixing Dark Souls with the animation of Cuphead isn't the first crossover project that you might expect, but seeing the results of the blend will make you wish it was a real game.

That's really the only downside to the video from 64 Bits, too. After watching the full crossover video between the two games above, you'll be left hoping that somebody, somehow, will bring the game to life. Aptly titled "Cupsouls," the video shows you that even though the two games seem like they couldn't be more different, they've actually got quite a few similarities that connect them.

For one, there's no question that both games will frustrate you to no end at times. Whether you're losing for the umpteenth time against a Cuphead boss or you just got pummeled by Ornstein and Smough before finishing the two-man fight, Cuphead and Dark Souls will both make you put down your controller and walk away for a while. The two games are well-known for their boss fights, and the video highlights that connection perfectly. From the optional Gaping Dragon boss to the Catacombs of Carthus, this video will give you flashbacks of death after death in Dark Souls. We shudder at just the thought of trying to navigate Blighttown once again as a Cuphead level.

The multiplayer dynamic also comes into play, though joining your friends in Cuphead is a bit easier than it is in Dark Souls. Replacing Cuphead and Mugman with the iconic Solaire of Astora and Oscar, Knight of Astora, the two throw Lightning Spears and Fireballs as their main sources of damage while using upgraded versions of their Miracles and other abilities as super attacks.

Much of the video consists of boss fights from the initial Dark Souls game, but you'll find others from different games in the series as well. The Skeleton Ball scene comes from Dark Souls 3 where a massive sphere of the undead follows you in the Catacombs of Carthus while skeletal archers shoot at you, all leading up to the boss fight against High Lord Wolnir.

You can check out 64 Bit's channel for more content and videos while you patiently wait for someone to make their own playable version of a crossover between Dark Souls and Cuphead.