More Details Become Available For Dark Souls: The Card Game

As if the Dark Souls video games didn’t bludgeon you enough over the past few years, now [...]

As if the Dark Souls video games didn't bludgeon you enough over the past few years, now there's a card game that will challenge you even further when it comes to survival.

Game Informer posted new details about the game, which is being made by Steamforged Game based on a recent success with its Kickstarter campaign. It managed to make more than $5 million through that, meaning the team can go all out to make it just as superb in quality as the games.

According to the site, the game will focus heavily on survival, as you play alongside three other players. You'll be able to choose a class right from the start, with each one having special abilities to choose from. As you play, you'll be able to build up a respectable deck, using cards based on weapons, items and armor. Picking the right set will make all the difference, especially as you start challenging enemies. The more you progress, the more potential cards you can earn to create an even better set-up.

It's a collective effort, though. Whereas Steamforged's previous take on video-game-turned-card-game, Bloodborne, was more about competitiveness alongside cooperative play, Dark Souls is all about staying alive with the crew, so that you have the required strength to face the final boss when they come around. You'll also need to keep plenty of stamina cards on hand, in case one player gets close to death. (And, boy, will they.)

There will be ever-changing conditions with each match, mainly due to the different enemy types that are available, so you'll have to stay on your toes and keep key strategies from slipping away. Otherwise, you guessed it, you're all dead.

Dark Souls: The Card Game isn't too far off, as it's set to release on March 16th. You'll be able to order it through Steamforged's website for the price of $49.99 (still yet to be finalized, but that's looking likely). If you want to get a better idea of what the game is all about, check out the video above, where the staff tries to make its way through a round.

Oh, and don't forget Dark Souls Remastered, which drops this May for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Yep, even more death.