DayZ Creator Reveals New Free-to-Play Game Icarus

Rocketwerkz has revealed a new free-to-play title from Dean Hall, the creator of DayZ. In Icarus, [...]

Rocketwerkz has revealed a new free-to-play title from Dean Hall, the creator of DayZ. In Icarus, players will explore an alien world rich in resources. The upcoming survival game will task players with working together in order to permanently change the planet's environment. The game's characters must wear an "envirosuit" in order to survive, so players will have to monitor their oxygen levels, as well as their intake of food and water. As far as free-to-play games go, it certainly has a unique hook, and it will be interesting to see how players work together to survive when the game releases next year.

The gameplay in Icarus centers on collecting materials. Once materials have been mined and brought aboard the dropship, the accumulated resources can be used to create items that will allow for greater exploration of the planet. Players decide on the length of the mission, as well as the specific parameters. Unsurprisingly, the planet's wildlife can be less than friendly, which should give players another obstacle to overcome. The game will also be significantly more dangerous at night. While players can help to heal those that are injured from wildlife attacks, or those that start to run out of oxygen (which can be seen in the game's trailer), there is permanent death in the game. This happens if players fail to get back to the dropship before it departs.

The game's timed missions are based on real-time, so players can create shorter contracts and then execute them in a single session, or create longer missions that might take multiple sessions to complete. Overall, it sounds pretty ambitious, and fans of the survival genre should find a lot to look forward to!

Icarus is scheduled to release sometime in 2021. The game has only been announced for PC, so it will be interesting to see if it releases on other platforms, as well. Notably, DayZ also released on Xbox One, so it's possible that the platform could eventually see Icarus, as well.

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