DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power Revealed for Nintendo Switch

During today's Nintendo Direct presentation, DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power was revealed for [...]

During today's Nintendo Direct presentation, DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power was revealed for Nintendo Switch. The upcoming game will put players in the role of multiple characters from the animated series, including Batgirl, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman. The game matches the style seen in the popular show, and seems to feature a mix between action and light RPG elements. In the debut trailer, the heroes can be seen engaging in battle with villains, while also concealing their secret identities from civilian NPCs. As a result, the civilian identities of each hero seem to play a major role in the game.

A trailer for the new game can be found in the Tweet embedded below.

In the trailer, the super hero girls can be seen leveling up during battles with villains, and pulling off chains against swarms of foes. To engage with enemies, each hero will have powers and abilities faithful to those from the series, such as Batgirl's Batarangs, Supergirl's heat vision, and Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth. Green Lantern, Bumblebee, and Zatanna are also referenced in the trailer, though it's unclear whether or not those three will be playable at some point in the game.

In addition to the action, there will be gameplay elements that reflect the fact that these heroes are teens. Players will be able to use coins to purchase new clothing, share images on an in-game social media account, and visit locations from the series, such as Metropolis High School and Sweet Justice. There also seem to be stealth elements, where players will have to change into their costumes in secret.

For DC fans of all ages, DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power certainly looks promising! Further details are a bit slim at this point, including the game's developer. More information should be revealed in the near future, as the game is slated to release June 4th on Nintendo Switch. Pre-orders are live at Best Buy now for $59.99.

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